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Led by Rosanna Trigg a former international school student in Singapore and high performance gymnast in Singapore, UK and Mexico. Having returned to Singapore in 2010 with her husband, the opportunity to spearhead a gymnastics program at UWCSEA Dover new state-of the art facility presented itself. With a deep-rooted history competing, coaching and studying at the school it was an unexpected but natural partnership.


Armed with a bachelor's degree in Sports Science, a masters in Strategic Marketing, 22 years of experience in the sport, and most importantly a passion for all things gymnastics - Gym With Me was born.


From a one-woman operation the popularity of the unique programs and coaching styles grew, seeing more than 500 students participating in the sport at the school. Despite training half the hours the program within 2 years was producing competitive gymnasts with brilliant results at local school and club competitions, catching the attentions of other big name schools in the country.


Over the past 5 years Gym With Me has gone from strength to strength and now runs programs both competitive and recreational for some of the biggest names amongst the international schools in Singapore. The programs GWM deliver differ from school to school according to their individual needs, however the common thread tying them together is the team’s passion for the sport.







Gym With Me (GWM) are specialists in providing gymnastics programs for Singapore’s top international schools. Since its inception in 2010 GWM have worked with a host of high profile schools building quality ECA programs and successful competitive teams in the effort to raise participation rates, athletic development and value to school curriculums and ECA programs.


Our passionate team of experts are amongst the most qualified in the country, with international training from accredited bodies recognized world-wide.


Providing quality gymnastics, trampoline, tumbling and Freestyle for both recreational programs to high performance competitive teams. GWM aim to inspire, enthuse and energize babies, children and teenagers with their fun, interactive and technique focused training environments – laying valuable foundations for all athletic futures.


Tanglin Trust School

Dover Campus 2010-2013

East Campus 2010-2013


Gymnastics is such a fantastic sport that has great physical, mental and social benefits to all growing and developing children. However for many decades gymnastics has been negatively perceived as a sport only for a select (genetically suitable) few, with extreme training regimes, excessive hours in the gym and harmful long-term effects on the body.


At GWM we work tirelessly to shatter this stereotype and have proven with the results of each of our school programs that strong, technically focused, on-task, fun and interactive training programs can produce impressive results whilst allowing kids to be kids and lead healthy balanced lives.  


Whatever the “potential” of a child, be it a high performance gymnasts, recreational club performer or participation for fun - it is our responsibility as specialists and coaches to ensure every child is given the foundation and opportunity to achieve their goals.





To deliver high quality, strong developmental and fun gymnastics, trampoline, tumbling and freestyle programs accessible to ALL children.


Catering to the individual, whatever age, size, gender or experience, the GWM expert team and program curriculums aim to allow every child to gain from the physical, mental and social benefits of gymnastics and achieve their potential.




Create a progressive working environment supporting and facilitating knowledge, education and training for young aspiring coaches in Singapore. With our resident British Gymnastics tutors and experts around the world establish a sustainable coaches development program to see a continuation of locally grown, high quality, qualified coaching professionals  to continue the development of the sport for years to come.



To promote and support gymnastics as a foundational sport for young developing children. Through our extensive school and club programs promote participation in high quality programs to increase the quality of gymnastics being produced in Singapore and athletes for national and international representation. Working collaboratively with schools, clubs and governing bodies we aim to raise the profile of the sport nationally, build longevity in participation, competitive teams, coaching and development in Singapore.

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