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GWM runs a variety of gymnstics programs during the school holiday seasons to cater for all age groups and levels of gymnastics ability. From absolute beginners to seasoned "pros" we have the perfect summer programs to get your kids out of the house, staying fit and learning some impressive tricks!

From toddlers to infants our KinderGym sessions are bursting with activities to keep your little ones active for the holiday season.


Our KinderGym students are grouped into age-specific and ability-lead groups at the beginning of each camp week to ensure that each child can progress at their own pace.


The KinderGym groups over the course of the 5-day program are introduced to all the various gymnastics equipment, from the balance beam to the a-symmetric bars. Children will learn all about the safety of using the equipment, how to manouver themselves around the equipment and exploring ability-appropriate skills.


With gym games, sticker charts, skills sheets and prizes, children are able to track their achievements, set personal goals and learn the fundamental principles of the sport in a fun and interactive environment.

girls & boys

age guide: 3-6 years

girls & boys

age guide: 7-10 years

The JuniorGym program will kick-start any junior's journey to building a repertoire of fun tricks. The daily 3-hour sessions see your children going from strength to strength, accelerating development to achieve in days what would normally take weeks.


Our JuniorGym recreational gymnastics summer program caters for all levels of ability with our weekly groups split into 3 training groups:


1. JuniorBeginner - for those with little to no gym experience

2. JuniorIntermediate - experience in a recreational program

3. JuniorAdvance - pre-competitive gymnasts


During the camp weeks our experienced coaches continuously monitor every gymnast's development in the view to keep them progressing and challenged.


Our technique-driven programs are a great way to jump-start every budding gymnast's development. The JuniorGym programs accelerate the building of strength, fitness and confidence in the gym.

girls & boys

age guide: 11+ years

Our SeniorGym program is designed to cater for not only our budding gymnasts, but also those who are comming to the sport slightly later than the norm. At GWM me we have an "its never to late" attitude towards gymnastics, with program specifically designed to fast track our older beginner to learn some impressive skills.


The SeniorGym recreational program is split into three groups. Boys and girls are in seperately.


1. SeniorBeginner

2. SeniorIntermediate-Advanced


All groups will spend time training ability appropriate skills and the necessary strengthening in all gymnastics disciplines.


The SeniorGym Beginner to Advanced groups will work to build an all round skill-set on all apparatus, including tumbling and trampolining.


girls & boys

Junior age guide:   7-10 years

Senior age guide:   11+ years

With gymnastics being the core foundation to many new sports and performance arts, GWM camps are seeing children join us from a wide range of sporting backgrounds. From breakdancers to free-runners, parkourists to martial artists and those that just love to be up-side down!


Our unique FreestyleGym Program combines the acrobatic and gymnastics elements of all these sports to give children a strong technical background to perform the lastest Parkour skills in a soft and safe environment.


Free-running and Parkour have taken the globe by storm, with thousands of YouTube videos online, stunts in movies and a string of "street" circuses opening up this style of gymnastics to the masses.

However, kids watching these videos and keen to start participating are often unaware of the basic strength and physical preparation the body needs to be able to perform these skills consistently and safely.

The GWM FreestyleGym program breaks down the skills into easy-to-learn stages and takes children through the necessary full body conditioning to enable them to have continued and fast progression through the skills.
Junior FreestyleGym classes for boys and girls aged 7-10 years

Senior FreestyleGym classes for boys and girls aged 11+ years

girls & boys

age guide: 7-10 years

age guide: 11+ years

The NEW GWM Trampoline & Tumble program is available to both juniors and seniors from beginner to advanced levels of ability.


From day one,  children can experience the thrill of leaping higher than before on our olympic-size trampolines. Then, as their strength and skill builds over the course of the 5-day program, they can challenge yourself to go higher and higher. The sky is the limit.

The program takes teaches children how to perform simple aerial tricks and maintain your rhythm, as their skills and confidence grow, they will build up to some incredible big-air stunts!


As well as trampolining, students are introduced the fundamentals of tumbling using our 30ft trampoline tumble track and variety of mini-tramps. From flips to twists and somersaults our experienced FIG qualified staff with have your children doing skills they would have never dreamed of by the end of the week.


Whether thy are already enjoying bouncing in the back garden or want a fun and exciting way to get fit. With classes for juniors (aged 7-10 years) and seniors (11y+ years) for, getting started couldn't be easier.


girls & boys

age guide: OPEN AGE

The CompetitiveGym program is designed for gymnasts who have competitive experience either on a school team or club program.


The program training groups are categorized according to the Australian Levels Program (ALP) outline - the primary gymnastics curriculum used throughout south east Asia.


Levels 2-5 The Yard

Levels 6 and above (book for assessment)


*in the event of high registrations volumes we may form a separate training group.


CompetitiveGym camps are a great opportunity for gymnasts from different clubs to come together, make great friendships and motivate each other to keep pushing forward with their development.


For both our girls and boys groups, camp season is all about trying new skills and building strength. With the competition season over it's all about having fun and testing their limits.


Working with our team of highly qualified competitive coaches, gymnasts are able to train towards their own personal goals. To ensure gymnasts are getting the best training available and competitive on a global scale our CompetitiveGym program covers all aspects of competitive gymnastics in a variety of requirements.


The GWM Competitive camps are ideal for gymnasts looking to stay fit over the holidays, for ex-gymnasts wanting to get back into the gym, and those looking to push towards the next level of competition.


GWM Competitive camps aim to leave each gymnast stronger, fitter and armed with new skills for the new competitive season. Places are limited - REGISTER TODAY!

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