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COACHING SINCE 2010 - 5 years coaching experience



  • British Gymnastics WAG Level 2

  • British Gymnastics MAG Level 2

  • British Gymnastics WAG Level 1

  • British Gymnastics MAG Level 1

  • FIG Trampoline Gymnastics Level 1

  • British Gymnastics General Trampolining Level 1

  • British Gymnastics General Trampolining Level 2

How did you first get involved in gymnastics?
I began doing Parkour before Coach Azri pulled me into gymnastics, and I’ve stuck with it ever since.

What do you love about coaching?
Initially, it was the flexibility to allow me time for school, but now it is the positive environment in the gym being around other coaches and children. One class is never the same as the next, and the daily challenges keep me motivated. It’s never boring! I love watching the kids grow more confident every time they achieve a new skill. Watching their eyes light up when they do something they’ve been working for weeks is hugely gratifying.

What’s your proudest moment as a coach?
The first time I helped a sad, crying child become a happy, giggly one in just a one-hour class. My first year as a coach was tough, as it can take time to learn how to manage a bunch of scheming four-year-olds. But my proudest moments have been overcoming any fear I had in being able to control a class of boisterous children and channelling that energy into something positive. Proud moments sometimes happen on a daily basis, but that has been the pivoting moment for me as a coach.  

Why do you think children should join gymnastics?
Gymnastics is one of the best sports around for children to discover and gain high confidence levels. They not only learn about physical skills, but also to identify their physical and mental barriers and then work towards overcoming them. Gymnastics is one of the great experiences to have towards nurturing children into physically and mentally healthy teenagers and adults.


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