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COACHING SINCE 1987 - 28 years coaching experience



  • British Gymnastics MAG High Performance Coach

  • British Gymnastics WAG Senior Club Coach

  • British Gymnastics MAG Tutor & Examiner

  • British Gymnastics National Judge

  • British Gymnastics Freestyle (parkour) Level 2

  • British Gymnastics WAG Level 1

  • British Gymnastics MAG Level 1

  • British Gymnastics General Gymnastics Level 1

  • British Gymnastics National Judge

How did you first get involved in gymnastics?
Like many children, I had too much energy at home and my mum thought the local gymnastics club at a nearby school would be good for me.

What keeps you going as a gymnastic coach?
I love being around children and seeing the children learn new skills.

Tell us about your proudest moment as a coach
The proudest moments of my coaching career has actually been seeing the children I have taught, even years and years ago, becoming well-rounded teenagers, adults and later, parents. I also love watching children overcome their challenges and fears. It actually doesn’t matter what their ability is, as long as their enjoyment is up there.

Why do you think children should join gymnastics?
It provides so many life skills. The commitment to the sport involves children learning life skills they can translate into many other challenges in life.


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