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At GWM we invest heavily in the supporting, training and the continued education of our coaching team. Drawing from the expertise of gymnastic governing bodies around the world, to ensure children get the absolute best coaching available, creating limitless opportunities to achieve and surpass their goals and dreams.


The members of the GWM team are at the heart of the business. We value their personal development, education and training above all else. With a forever diminishing pool of qualified coaches in Singapore GWM have developed a Coaches Development Program CDP, with a global perspective, aims to help aspiring coaches from apprentice level to club competitive level and the opportunity to gain those qualifications.


Bringing in global experts, funding the participation of courses internationally and our in-house training programs, every member of our team has the highest training and level of qualifications available.


From sport-specific coaching qualifications, First Aid to courses on the safeguarding of children, the GWM team have all the training to ensure children are in the safest hands.

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