3 - 6 years old


Packed with fun acrobatic activities designed to channel energy and enthusiasm into developing essential motor skills. The KinderGym program welcomes beginners to children preparing for their first competition. The primary focus is building strength, flexibility, coordination and the core shapes. Our in-depth skills break-downs and progressions allow children to progress at their own pace promoting well-rounded development and confidence on the various apparatus.

Tanglin Trust School Gymnastics

7-10 years old


Focused on building fitness, strength and a greater understanding of the core gymnastic elements of Level 1, 2 and 3 on the uneven bars, beam, vault and floor. The JuniorGym program plays an integral part in preparing children physically for all athletic activities. From beginner to advanced ability-specific classes, the program is designed to give children the best possible preparation for competitive gymnastics with strong technique-focused training.

Tanglin Trust School Gymnastics

11 years & above


From beginner to advanced levels of ability our SeniorGym

program is designed to accelerate skill learning through a strong focus on physical preparation, fitness, flexibility and full body conditioning. Even those with little to no experience with gymnastics experience a fast rate of development on all four gymnastics disciplines with our 2 hours sessions.

Tanglin Trust School Gymnastics

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