7 reasons your child should do gymnastics this summer

Apart from the physical and developmental benefits, doing gymnastics is fun, social and incredibly rewarding. Keep your kids entertained over the holidays by introducing them to this gym-tastic activity.

Love it or hate it, the summer break is just around the bend. If you’re looking for ways to keep your energetic children occupied during this downtime from school, why not let them have a go at gymnastics?

While it’s widely assumed as a sport for more athletic children due to its high difficulty and demanding schedules, the benefits of gymnastics are in no way limited to those who want to progress to a competitive level. Gymnastics, at its core, is for everyone.

In fact, the best part about gymnastics is that with proper assistance, it is a hugely beneficial sport for a young child’s physical and cognitive development.

1. It gives kids the chance to try something new

As your children grow, it’s crucial you take the time to stimulate their interests across a range of activities, expanding their comfort zone and spurring them on to pursue new things. Summer holiday programmes are an excellent way to expose your child to new sports, such as gymnastics, where the soft, bouncy and colourful environment will encourage even the most intimidated child to explore and push their physical abilities.

2. It keeps your children active during the break

With children spending more time on their iPads and playing video games, your challenge as a parent lies in getting them involved in more physical activities. Gymnastics classes are a perfect blend of fun and physical activity – we promise you won’t hear your child utter the dreaded “I’m bored!”

By attending 3-hour long gym camps for an hour or two each day (rain or shine, so there’s no reason not to move about!) you can be sure your child receives optimal activity and, most importantly, has a lot of fun!

3. It’s a safe, social place to explore and push physical boundaries

The lounge sofa is not a good place to practice flips, and the corner of the coffee table is an accident waiting to happen when cartwheeling through the living room.

In a gym, your children are taught in a safe, soft and motion-promoting environment with state-of-the-art equipment and safety precautions for physical activities. This gives them room to explore their movements and abilities without worrying about getting hurt. Let your kids have a go and stretch their limitations – this is what childhood is all about!

4. Qualified coaches ensure your children are in the best hands

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have coaches with the right qualifications and training. Not only is it a highly specialised activity, the risk factors involved in the sport are high. It takes technical training and experience to become a great coach, and we are extremely proud that all 20 of our coaches have internationally recognised gymnastics qualifications.

There is not enough emphasis being put on the qualification of practising coaches in Singapore, which is a huge concern and something I am passionate about changing.

5. It will tire them out!

Let’s be honest, it can be hard to occupy children’s active minds and bodies during the summer break! It’s exhausting keeping up with their energy levels, but putting your children in a controlled and safe environment to run, jump and play gives them a fantastic time to use up their energy (bonus: they’ll also sleep better… and so will you.)

6. Gymnastics promotes self-confidence and social skills

Gymnastics sharpens social skills and improves your child’s abilities to interact with others, all while honing their abilities to listen to and follow instructions. Through various challenges of the sport, your child will gain the confidence that comes with learning something new, which often transfers into other areas of their schooling and life in general.

7. Gymnastics lovers can pursue the sport seriously

We’re not going to lie – gymnastics is an incredibly easy sport to fall in love with. Thankfully, we are based out of multiple top international schools in Singapore, providing recreational classes, development and competitive-level programmes for boys and girls who want to progress in the sport.

Gymnastics is still a relatively young sport in Singapore, but the potential here is huge. I am proud to say that our competitive squads are currently some of the best in the region, bringing home medals and trophies from various competitions at home and abroad.

Gym With Me’s Summer Holiday Camps start in July 2015. REGISTER HERE!

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