6 reasons kids should do gymnastics next year

Exercise and routine tends to get put on the back burner during the silly season – even for your kids. With Christmas and New Year’s around the corner, now is the best time to get your child in the gym!

We all know how easy it is to fall off the wagon during the Christmas break. It’s undoubtedly one of the best times of year for you and your family to celebrate, share and indulge in all your favourite things – but it’s also a time where routine and good habits tends to go awry. And this is as true for your children as it is for you!

When school takes a break, so do regular activities, routines and even times your kids go to bed and wake up in the morning. Getting back into your usual swing of things after a holiday can be difficult, which is why keeping your kids engaged in holiday camps and programmes is often the best way to keep some semblance of sanity in your household!

At Gym With Me, we’ve got a fantastic Back-to-School Gym Camp programme set up, ready to keep your gymnasts on track with their training, or introduce your children to a brand new sport.

Here’s why you should keep your kids moving these holidays.

1. To help them recover from holiday indulgences the fun way!

After all those chocolates, mince pies and log cakes at Christmas, we know a little exercise can definitely help set things back on track for your little ones. There’s nothing wrong with indulging over Christmas, but you don’t want to lose the good habits they picked up throughout the year.

Children are stimulated and motivated by bright, colourful environments – like a gym – and a programme specifically designed to keep them entertained over the holidays is often the best way to keep them moving and active.

2. To keep the momentum (Don’t take a step backwards!)

For competitive gymnasts, a week’s break from the sport is as good as losing three weeks’ worth of training. It’s not fair, but it’s true! Taking a break over the holidays is often much-needed, but the longer an advanced athlete is away from the sport, the harder they will have to work to get back to the level they were at.

That’s not to say they shouldn't take break, but what’s more important is regaining the momentum to perform when they’ve returned.

Young competitive gymnasts can consider easing themselves back into the swing of things by joining a holiday training programme to get their conditioning and fitness back on track, and take some time to enjoy some new skill development. Camps are a great opportunity for gymnasts from around Singapore to come together and meet other like-minded gymnastics enthusiasts.

Working along-side our high performance coaches, gymnasts can have a fun week of learning new skills and improving old ones without the pressures of competition preparation.

3. To readjust their routines

When school is on a break and routines get disrupted, you might find the kids crawling into bed way past their bedtime, and on other days getting up much earlier than they should. We believe there’s no better way to help your child ease back into their academic routine than sending them into the gym. Gymnastics is a sport that awakens the mind - it stimulates your children and their ability to focus and concentrate, as well as activates important analytical and problem-solving skills used to tackle multiple apparatus’. These are all skills that are transferable into their academic lives.

The demands of gymnastics, as we’ve mentioned before, burn out your little energiser bunnies for all the right reasons! Not only does this help provide a great outlet for their energy, it helps them fall back into an adjusted schedule for school, with appropriate waking and sleeping hours.

4. To ease their social transition back into school

Watching your child step into a new semester is exciting, but for some children the social aspect can be stressful. As parents, we want to do everything we can to ensure they have the best possible experience, and keeping them involved in a holiday activity or programme can be one way to boost their social skills.

Apart from learning a new sport, your children will make new friends and have the chance to spread their social wings among a group of new peers. This introduces new challenges, new social dynamics and new avenues of friendship for your child, all of which is a huge part of their overall scholastic experience.

5. So they can give that new leotard a try!

Christmas is the season of giving, so why not give your budding gymnast a chance to really look the part with some attire from our GWM Pro Shop! We’ve got some awesome deals on at the moment, and there’s nothing better than starting a gym camp or the new year with some brand new gear.

6. Lastly…because we’re holding a New Year camp!

If any of the above reasons resonate with you, or if you feel as though you want to expose your child to a new activity, why not consider signing your child up for our January 2016 Back to School Gym Camp!


Gymnastics Recreational & Competitive, Trampolining, Tumbling and Parkour programmes are available for all age groups and all levels of abilities, for boys and girls!

Date: January 4th – 10th (Monday to Friday)

Venue: Tanglin Trust School

Price: Start at $330 per week

Don’t miss out on a place! Register online here or contact rosannatrigg@gymwithme.com

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