7 Reasons Why Easter Camps Are Sooo Good or #SoooSweet

Getting bent out of shape thinking about how to keep the kids busy during Easter break? Let them go wild and burn off some energy at Gym With Me’s Easter Holiday Camps in Singapore!

With Easter school break just around the corner, most parents are cracking a sweat about how to survive the holidays and keep those little bundles of energy, active and entertained!

The solution? Gymnastic holiday camps! And the benefits are as plentiful as the stash of chocolate your children will be collecting on Easter day - enough to send you into a diabetic coma!

Gym With Me founder, Rosanna Trigg, shares seven reasons why holiday camps are soooo good (or #sooosweet) for kids:

Burn off all that sugar!

Pent up energy is frustrating for kids and exhausting for parents. Cooped up kids in a small space at home can be accidents waiting to happen!

Taking them out of the house and into the gym is more than just a boredom-buster. They will spend their time being physically active as well as being taught and supervised in a huge stimulating space with state of the art equipment and fun professional coaches. Which kid doesn’t love perfecting gymnastic moves on a trampoline?

Kids experience a boost of self-esteem and become more confident

Gym With Me Easter camps are run daily for 2 weeks, 3 hours a day. By the end of the holidays, most children have perfected a gymnastic skill that would normally take months at a regular weekly class, such as handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, and for those more advanced students, the flicks and somersaults.

Gym With Me camps can help children to build confidence and self-esteem by removing the academic, athletic, and social competition that shape their lives at school. Gym With Me camps are a real boost for young people, with the added bonus of achieving an accomplishment every day.

Get unplugged

Children are spending less time being active and more time interacting with their screens. By getting kids to take a break from the TV, mobile phones, and the internet, they rediscover their creative powers and actually engage in the world around them.

At Gym With Me, children are encouraged to learn the very movements that they express during play – the joy of a cartwheel on a bright sunny day, leaping and jumping over rocks, or somersaulting down a hill and letting kids just be kids.

Gymnastics encourages children through the self-discovery of movement and gives them freedom to interact with the world again.

Pick up a new skill

For those itching to introduce your child into the world of gymnastics – the time is now, for the benefits of gymnastics are endless. The 5-day long Easter camp programme has been designed to fit children and budding ninja warriors of all ages and fitness levels – no matter if it’s their first time in the gym or otherwise. Held over two weeks, the camp is a non-committal way of testing the sport for your children. Should they wish to continue with more gymnastic classes after the camp, they can get in touch here.

Warning: Can turn into lifelong passion!

Make time for unstructured play

Free from the overly structured and overly scheduled routines of school and home, Gym With Me camps give children the much needed time to play and learn, relax, laugh and just be silly with supervision.

You won’t need a fully planned activity calendar of events for the holidays! Gym With Me has two weeks of Easter Camps running daily mornings and afternoons:

  • Week 1: Mon 28th Mar - Fri 1st Apr 2016

  • Week 2: Mon 4th Apr - Fri 8th Apr 2016

Say hello to more me-time!

With your children’s Easter holiday all planned out for them, the kids are all set for the physical activity they need for each day. The classes will energise the kids, which means an earlier and better night of sleep! Yes that’s right – wine o’clock each evening all holiday long! You’ll have more time for yourself to indulge in your own activities, be it reading, catching up on Netflix or even having more face time with your spouse. What a treat!

Details of Gym With Me’s Easter Camp are as follows:

Date: 28th Mar-1st Apr OR 4th-8th Apr 2016

Venue: Tanglin Trust School


Week 1: Mon 28th Mar - Fri 1st Apr 2016

Week 2: Mon 4th Apr - Fri 8th Apr 2016

Morning (9am-12nn) or Afternoon (12.30pm-3.30pm) sessions available for Recreational camp programs.

Afternoon 3pm-6pm for Competitive Gym programs

Programs available:

KinderGym (3-6 years)

JuniorGym (7-10 years)

SeniorGym (11 & up years)

Trampolining (7 years & up)

Freestylegym (7 years & up)

Competitivegym (all levels)

For more information, please refer to Gym With Me’s Camp Schedule.

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