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GYM BABIES (6-12mths)

A class for the little ones where we combine sensory activities with gymnastics to introduce them to a world of movement in a safe environment. Introduces hanging, balancing, rolling, climbing ladders etc to assist in instilling confidence in the children. Hand apparatus and toys are used to improve hand-eye coordination.

Class duration & rates: 

$40/ 45min adult accompanied class

GYM TEENIES (12mths - 36mths)

Gym Teenies is an extension of the KinderGym program where we start to build a foundation in gymnastics for the kids. Basic gymnastics skills are taught using equipment designed for kids this age. In this class, skills such as jumping, swinging and a whole lot more are introduced. We also start to focus on fine and gross motor skills.

Class duration & rates: 

$40/ 45min adult accompanied class

KINDERGYM (3-6 yrs)

Our KinderGym is a fully structured program where gymnastics skills are taught using progressive methods in a safe and fun environment. The kids will start to develop strength, flexibility and body awareness. They will also learn how to be independent with bits of discipline being instilled.

Class duration: 60min drop off class

Rates per class: $38 (excl GST)

JUNIORGYM (7-10 yrs)

Focused on building fitness, strength and a greater understanding of the core gymnastic elements of Level 1, 2 and 3 on the uneven bars, beam, vault and floor. The JuniorGym program plays an integral part in preparing children physically for all athletic activities. From beginner to advanced ability-specific classes, the program is designed to give children the best possible preparation for competitive gymnastics with strong technique-focused training.


Class duration & rates: 

Beginner Juniors - $38/ 1hr drop off class

Intermediate Juniors - $45/ 1.5hr drop off class

Advanced Juniors - $50/ 2hr drop off class

SENIORGYM (11+ yrs)

From beginner to advanced levels of ability our SeniorGym

program is designed to accelerate skill learning through a strong focus on physical preparation, fitness, flexibility and full body conditioning. Even those with little to no experience with gymnastics experience a fast rate of development on all four gymnastics disciplines with our 2 hours sessions.


Class duration & rates: 

Beginner Seniors - $45/ 1.5hr drop off class

Inter-Advanced Seniors - $50/ 2hr drop off class


There are many benefits that one can get from trampolining! It is a low impact and low stress workout for the body with a high FUN factor. It increases bone density, improves joint, tendon and ligament functions while developing balance, coordination and motor skills all at the same time. Studies have shown that trampolining also has an effect on academic success. Our Tramp N Tumble class includes teaching floor and vaulting skills as these are inter related to trampolining as well.


Class duration & rates: 

KinderTramp - $38/ 1hr drop off class

Beg-Int Tramp - $45/ 1.5hr drop off class

Advanced Tramp - $50/ 2hr drop off class

PARKOUR (7+ yrs)

Class duration & rates: 

Parkour Kids- $38/ 1hr drop off class

Beg-Int Parkour - $45/ 1.5hr drop off class

Int-Adv Parkour - $50/ 2hr drop off class


Class duration & rates: 

Beg-Int Cheer - $45/ 1.5hr drop off class

Int-Adv Cheer - $50/ 2hr drop off class

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